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Struggle street to find staff

  • One in five businesses say they currently don’t have enough staff.
  • The number of understaffed businesses is rising.
  • The number of understaffed businesses is rising.

Almost 20% of Australian businesses say they don’t have enough staff to sustain current operations, according to data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

The hardest hit sectors are construction with a 29% shortage in staff, and retail with 27% undersupply of workers. 

In June, 19% of businesses reported that they didn’t have enough employees based on current operations, compared to just 12% in the previous quarter. 

The staff shortages have been felt by many businesses as Australia undergoes a V-shaped economic recovery.

In fact, 27% of employers reported having difficulty in filling key roles within their businesses.

With overseas migration at a firm stand still impacting the number of candidates, businesses confront the prospect of paying more to secure the right staff from a diminishing pool of talent.

This is also pushing labour costs higher as there are fewer applicants for advertised positions.

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