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Grafa is a finance-focused community

Post your company news and insights.

Set up your own business channel.

Grafa users can follow your channel in their feed.

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Your content is searchable.

Your content is served to people interested in your subject matter.

Grafa amplifies your content for you

Invite your network to follow Grafa

Grafa rewards you for bringing your network to the platform.

Invite your network to follow grafa

We give your network a unique ID, which means we can serve your content to them directly when they log on.

Sell the sizzle with Grafa’s Content Studio

Getting Started

Step 1

Step 1

Set up your publishing channel (you will need your logo)

Step 2

Step 2

Pay the publishing subscription fee ($99 per month, cancel anytime)


Step 3

Start publishing company news and insights.


Start publishing your content on Grafa. One of the fastest growing financial communities.


($1,188.00/Per Year)

Whats included:

  • Set up your publisher channel with your brand assets.
  • Unlimited publishing of corporate news.
  • Unlimited publishing of insights (opinion articles).
  • Amplification through Google News.
  • Amplification through social media (Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn).
  • Access to Grafa’s Content Studio
  • Free Grafa premium subscription for 1xuser.
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