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Data-led announcement


  • Grafa creates a short 1 minute video using ASX or crypto data that relates to your company. For example, data about your company share price or token price.
  • Grafa uses your company logo for brand recognition.
  • These short videos are posted to the Grafa platform as well as LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter for additional reach.
  • You can share the video directly to your own social media channels.
  • Turnaround time is less than 30 minutes.
Video reach
  • Grafa’s content is currently reaching almost 200,000 people per month across the Grafa app and Grafa social media channels.
  • Grafa’s news site is Google News accredited, which means content is indexed and searched by Google for additional amplification.
  • You can share the video directly to your own social media channels, for additional reach.
How it works
  • After you’ve placed an order, one of our Grafa editorial team will contact you.
  • Our editorial team will ask for your logo and ticker code to build the animated graphics template.
  • Once the video is posted across the Grafa platform and social media channels, you will receive an email with the links to share your video across your own channels.


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