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Why publish on Grafa?

Connect directly to your audience in real-time. Grafa is the platform that gives you consent connectivity to your network, while also introducing your content to a new audience.

  • Create

    Create content that connects your ideas with a highly engaged and motivated network.

  • Publish

    Publish your content within the Grafa app to an audience that's completely focused on what you have to say.

  • Grow

    Grow your audience and boost connectivity to people that are ready to change their financial future.

Want to use our data?

Grafa has a team of data scientists, analysts and architects.

We are developing a whole raft of APIs that can feed directly into your digital publishing platforms including apps, dashboards and your corporate website.


Financial markets data points


Economic data points


Big tech companies being supplied by yours truly

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Earn money through our Grafa Australia partner program by advertising Grafa on your website, social media channels and e-newsletter.