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Why are consumers spitting chips in the search for a PS5?


Why are consumers spitting chips in the search for a PS5?

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Why gamers are spitting chips

  • Sony is forecast to ship 67 million PlayStation 5 consoles annually by 2024.
  • Computer chip shortage impacting production.
  • Silicon sales are worth more $400 billion annually.

By Dan PetrieGamers are the latest victims of the global computer chip shortage, with massive back orders for Sony’s new PlayStation 5.


The shortage of computer chips is partly due to an increase in the price of silicon, and this has been compounded by the decades-long practice of outsourcing chip making to Asia, resulting in fewer manufacturers.

The average price of ferrosilicon, containing 75% silicon, has jumped by almost 20% to $US1.20 per pound, following a broader surge in the price of hard commodities.

For buyers lining up to purchase the Playstation 5, there is little Sony can do except bring chip manufacturing in-house.

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