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What you need to know at the close

The ASX closed up 77 points with the Energy sector driving the gains.

Of the 50 largest stocks, the most movement has been from Block Inc CDI (SQ2) which closed higher by 5.91%, Woodside Energy Group (WDS) which finished higher by 3.37% and Macquarie Group (MQG) which closed higher by 2.94%.

As the top 50 largest companies comprise almost 60% of the total market, any big changes to their share price may influence the overall market.

The biggest gainer on the ASX at the close was Analytica (ALT) – which finished 100.00% higher – this is a micro cap company.

The biggest loser on the ASX at the close was Eve Health Group (EVE) – which was down 50% at the close of trade – this is a micro cap company.

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