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Chevy Chase plugging in 2 power cords with sparks

Warp speed for a COVID jab? – Money Mate


Warp speed for a COVID jab?

Chevy Chase plugging in 2 power cords with sparks

As the UK continues its mass rollout of Pfizer and BioNtech’s COVID-19 vaccine, all eyes will be on the US where the jab is entering its final approvals.

The US has more than 15 million COVID cases and the numbers rise every day, so the race is on to approve Pfizer’s jab, alongside another from Moderna.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s advisory committee is due to meet on Friday about whether to recommend Moderna’s vaccine.

If either are approved, the federal government will initiate what it calls “Operation Warp Speed” to start distributing vaccines to all US states.

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Can the ASX make it seven in a row?

The ASX has extended its winning streak to six weeks after record high iron ore prices caused a surge on the index last week.And with just two shopping weeks now to Christmas, there’s hope that the national economy will continue to see a strong recovery, especially now COVID vaccines are available.A homegrown vaccine from CSL and the University of Queensland was scrapped last week, but the federal government swiftly announced it would buy an extra 20 million vaccine doses from AstraZeneca and 10 million doses from Novavax.So the nation is on track for a vaccine rollout in March, providing a foundation for investor confidence that looks set to keep rising over the holiday season.

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