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US markets closed; Baidu & approved for robotaxis; Netflix acquires Scanline VFX.

  • The US markets were closed for the Thanksgiving holiday.
  • Baidu & gain approval to charge for driverless robotaxi rides in Beiijing.
  • Netflix acquires Scanline VFX to better compete with Disney.

The US markets were closed on Thursday for the Thanksgiving holiday.

One bitcoin is worth US$59,036 going into the Asian trading day.

The Australian dollar is firm against the major currencies and is buying 71.8 US cents.

Multinational Chinese tech company Baidu Inc and self-driving startup have received approval from the Beijing government to charge for driverless robotaxi services, which will see around 100 driverless vehicles deployed in China’s capital. Baidu said it will charge a premium fare for the robotaxis and the company expects to expand these services into Shanghai and Shenzhen in the near future.

Netflix has announced the acquisition of Munich-based visual effects company, Scanline VFX, in another step to better compete with Disney. Scanline VFX is the company behind Stranger Things 3, Game of Thrones and Godzilla vs Kong, and has offices in Vancouver, Montreal, LA, London, Munich and more.

And live-stream shopping is the latest trend gaining popularity on apps like Flip and NTWRK as users live-stream shopping experiences like sales events and new product launches.

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