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The biggest movers of the middleweight companies today

Of the medium-sized companies on the ASX, these stocks were the movers.

Evolution Mining (EVN) rose 2.04% to $3.50, closing out the day as the biggest winner among the mid-cap stocks on the Australian market today.

Coming in second was Challenger (CGF), which gained 0.81% to $7.47.

Third was A2 Milk Company (A2M), which gained 0.72% to $4.18 a share.

Next was Steadfast Group (SDF), which gained 0.41% to $4.91.

And rounding out the top five was Cleanaway Waste Management (CWY), which increased by 0.33% to $3.01.

NOTE: Mid-cap stocks on the ASX are the 50-100 biggest companies by market capitalisation on the ASX. The top 50 companies are represented in the Large Cap summary.

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