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The biggest movers of the flyweight companies today

Of the micro cap companies on the ASX, these stocks were the movers.

Isentric (ICU) rose 35.87% to $0.13, closing out the day as the biggest winner among the micro cap stocks on the Australian market today.

Coming in second was Syndicated Metals (SMD), which gained 33.33% to $0.004.

Third was Sovereign Cloud Holding (SOV), which gained 30.77% to $0.34 a share.

Next was Coppermoly (COY), which gained 25% to $0.010.

And rounding out the top five was Laneway Resources (LNY), which increased by 25% to $0.005.

NOTE: Micro cap stocks include every company outside the largest 300 stocks on the ASX. Whilst these stocks only make up just over 20% of the index, they represent the bulk of the quantity of stocks on the ASX.

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