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Lady swimming in a mountain of handbags

Online shopping frenzy – Money Mate


Online shopping frenzy

Lady swimming in a mountain of handbags

Australian retailers are expecting that Black Friday sales will be Australia’s biggest yet.

The week as a chart

S&P/ASX 200 Gains 03cee2c5d9cec4cdcff16a925f9a5bda

ASX close to recovering 2020 losses

With the ASX skirting a 2020 recovery, retail stocks were higher this week as Australia’s COVID restrictions continued to ease.


Has Australia reached peak coffee?

Imports of coffee and coffee substitutes trending upwards

Australia’s coffee consumption in the last 30 years still fascinates the media and modern-day historians who recount endless tales of post war migration, as the first espresso machines landed in European clubs across the country.

From a statistical perspective, spending in cafes and restaurants is now three times more than in department stores.

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