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Moving to the country, gonna escape a lot of COVID

Regional migration at record highs during the pandemic.

Queensland the state of choice for regional migration.

Noosa and Southern Downs saw the largest growth of new migrants.

The great escape from COVID has seen the number of people migrating to the country reach an historical high, according to the Regional Movers Index, by Commonwealth Bank and Regional Australia Institute.

Queensland is the state of choice, with the beachside mecca of Noosa experiencing a 49% uplift in migration, followed by 44% for the Southern downs.

Regional centres near capital cities have also surged in popularity with the annual growth of migration to Port Macquarie, three hours North of Sydney, surging by 38% while Launceston in Tasmania rose by 34% over the same period.

Record job vacancies nationally and a tight housing market will provide a strong near term tailwind for those Australian seeking to escape the country.

The March quarter index at 122 has increased by 12% on the same period 12 months earlier and well above the previous 2016 benchmark.  

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