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Elon Musk with a managers haircut

Markets Surge on Vaccine Hope – Money Mate


Global markets rebound with two vaccines in play

Elon Musk with a managers haircut

Stock markets around the world rallied this week as investors pegged hopes on positive trial data from two vaccines.

Amid the euphoria, tech entrepreneur Elon Musk was dubbed “Space Karen” after complaining about COVID-19 tests to his millions of followers.

A meme of the billionaire with a “Karen” haircut did the rounds on social media, perhaps overshadowing Tesla’s inclusion in the S&P 500 Index and the launch of four SpaceX rockets into space.

ASX Weekly Chart


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ASX close to reversing 2020 losses

The ASX rebound over the past week has put the ASX on track to recover its 2020 losses.

Optimism about a vaccine has pushed stocks higher this week.

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Australian Pharmaceutical Sales 620c98ffb2274c3d4194aa11586e0208

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