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Earnings season spotlight;, Celsius Resources, Mach7 Technologies

We are well and truly in results season as quarterly results continue to be released.
Three of the companies that released results today included; released second quarter results today that showed strong growth in the quarter that is typically the company’s quietest according to CEO Greg Bader. For the period, reported 8% revenue growth, Core EBITDA of 62 thousand dollars and 1.6 million dollars cash on hand.
Shares in rose 1.75% after the results were released.

Celsius resources reported fourth quarter results today including the completion of MCB Project’s third hole drilling, positive scoping study completed in December 2021 with 25 year mine life, payback of 2.7 years and pre tax IRR of 35%, and 1.96 million dollars in the bank as of December 31.
Shares in Celsius rose 3.3% after the results were released.

Mach7 Technologies, a company specialising in innovative medical imaging software solutions for healthcare providers, announced second quarter results today including a 37% rise in sales orders to a record 22.1 million dollars, and record fiscal year to date revenue up 102% to 14.3 million dollars, and record fiscal year to date EBITDA of 3.1 million dollars.
Shares in Mach7 Technologies rose just over 16% after the results were released.

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