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Dow Jones closed down 1.5%, ASX futures down ahead of market open in Sydney

  • Dow Jones closes down 518.17 points (-1.5%).
  • ASX futures trading lower with ASX set to fall 78 points (-1.1%).
  • Bitcoin is trading at US$37,000.

The Dow Jones fell 1.45% to finish the trading day down 518 points to close at 35,111 points.

Earlier, markets in Europe were weaker as London’s FTSE fell 0.7% while Germany’s DAX finished the trading day lower, down 1.57%.

Asian markets are set to open lower, with ASX futures down 78 points (-1.1%) ahead of the open in Sydney.

The Australian dollar is firm against the major currencies and is buying 71.41 US cents.

Gold is trading at US$123 per ounce with copper up 0.01% to US$151 per pound.

WTI Crude oil is selling for US$174.64 per barrel while Brent oil is higher at US$924.17 per barrel.

The spot iron ore price is trading at US$165.44 per metric ton and one bitcoin is worth US$36,970 going into the Asian trading day.

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