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Digitisation evolution accelerated by COVID-19

  • Australia’s tech sector contributes A$167bn to GDP annually and employs about 861,000 people.
  • Companies across all market segments are going through a digital transformation.
  • Finding the right people to train and upskill is a major part of business performance management.

Every Australian company is navigating through a digital transformation, whereby employers now need to put in place a skills-based approach in order to survive, according to the Tech Council of Australia.

Whether it’s a startup company needing seed funding, or a long existing organisation seeking better business performance management, COVID-19 has accelerated the digitisation process.

Companies either adapt, or get left behind. But to join the party they need the right skilled workers on board.

The Digital Skills Organisation (DSO) said Australia’s technology sector contributes A$167 billion to GDP annually and employs about 861,000 people. And now is the time to get more Aussies into tech jobs, which are increasingly well-paying, secure, and able to offer flexible roles across industries.

Across the board it is vital to finding the right people, however in these pandemic times it can be quite challenging.

Velrada, which is Australia’s fastest-growing Microsoft partner, is one such company looking to attract staff amid the tech skills labour shortage. It has launched a major recruitment drive and is seeking to create at least 60 new positions by the end of the financial year by offering the best and the brightest tech minds to join its team in a modern digital working environment.

Velrada Executive Director Jennifer Evans said the company remains committed to driving business transformation and being at the forefront of the digital revolution that is currently underway.

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