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Heidi Cuthbert

Heidi Cuthbert is the CEO of Grafa. Contact via email or LinkedIn


How to buy crypto

Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, or other cryptocurrencies operate outside the traditional banking and government systems.  While you can start with regular cash, you will need to go online to purchase a digital wallet more

What’s a Bull and a Bear market?

Bull and Bear are basic terms for describing a market’s performance. A Bull market is rising like a bull thrusting its horns upward, while a Bear market is falling like a bear more

What is shorting?

Short selling (or ‘shorting’) inverts the most basic rule of investment, which is to buy low and sell high. Investors who short sell bet on stocks they believe will go down. Short more

What are bonds?

Bonds are like IOU notes. Bonds are a form of debt broken up into smaller parts and sold to investors. In finance, bonds are referred to as Fixed Income Securities. more

How to buy shares

Shares represent part ownership of a business, and can be bought by anyone legally able to acquire them on the share market. Individuals can buy shares through managed funds, crowdfunding and employee more

What is Capex and Opex?

Business expenses can be split into two general categories – Capex and Opex. Capital expenditure (Capex) are costs incurred through investment in equipment, training or other assets that improve long-term performance. Operational more

Why GDP Matters

Gross Domestic Product measures the value a nation creates over a specified period. GDP is a vital statistic for tracking an economy’s overall performance. GDP is affected by government spending, consumption, investment more

What is an IPO?

An IPO (or Initial Public Offering) provides a first impression of a company according to the stock market. An IPO is the very first time a company opens itself up to sell more

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