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Aussies love to click on sport

  • Sport has dominated Google searches in Australia in 2021.
  • Interest in cryptocurrency searches surges this year.
  • COVID and abducted Cleo Smith dominate the news searches.

Sport scored top spot overall in Google searches in Australia in 2021, according to its annual ‘year in search’ report.

Overall the US basketball association, the NBA, was the most searched word by Aussies, followed by AFL, Australia vs India, NRL, and Euro 2021 rounding out the top five.

In terms of news events searches in Australia, COVID NSW was the most entered, followed by Cleo Smith, QLD COVID update, Alec Baldwin, Coronavirus Victoria, William Tyrrell, Bert Newton, Christian Porter, Afghanistan, and Melbourne earthquake.

While cryptocurrency did not appear on the 2020 list, this year there has been a surge in search interest for the first half of 2021.

In terms of news events searches in Australia, COVID NSW, allegedly abducted child Cleo Smith, QLD COVID update, and actor Alec Baldwin, who accidentally shot a film crew worker on a production set, topped the list.

News events searches in Australia:

  2. Cleo Smith
  3. QLD COVID update
  4. Alec Baldwin
  5. Coronavirus Victoria
  6. William Tyrrell
  7. Bert Newton
  8. Christian Porter
  9. Afghanistan
  10. Melbourne earthquake

‘How to’ searches in Australia:

  1. How to get vaccination certificate
  2. How to tie a tie
  3. How to deliver uber eats
  4. How to buy dogecoin
  5. How to watch olympics australia
  6. How to book COVID vaccine
  7. How to watch euro 2021 in australia
  8. How to link medicare to mygov
  9. How to book Pfizer vaccine
  10. Million dollar vax how to enter

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