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All the way with USA? – Money Mate


All the way with USA?


If the US sneezes, Australia can catch a cold, so all eyes will be on the US economy this week as President Joe Biden’s US$1.9 trillion stimulus package looks set to clear its final hurdles.

The US Senate voted last week to approve a budget reconciliation process that could allow Biden’s COVID-19 rescue package to be pushed through quickly to restore the economy’s health.

It comes as Wall Street continues to sweat over so-called meme stocks, with pressure mounting for regulators to intervene.

The release of US employment trends on Tuesday will be closely watched, while Australian markets will track key business confidence reports from the big banks.

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CNY China Trade Balance

Is Australia’s manufacturing sector recovering?

Tuesday 02:00am AEDT

US Employment Trends

Are jobs harder or easier to get as the US economy struggles through COVID?

Tuesday 11:30am AEDT

NAB Business Confidence

How is Australia’s economy faring amid global challenges?

Wednesday 10:30am AEDT

Westpac Consumer Sentiment

Are Australian consumers spending or saving?

e651e54e19213e825617a14480d29d7c 9f6077076c758e462e9e464678e52467.png?r=1114583063

Aussie retail trending up – but can it last?

Keep an eye on US retail stocks as well as Australian retailers with a presence in the US.Black Friday retail sales have become one of the biggest events events on the retail calendar.

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