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Our story

We started Grafa because we’ve collectively lost hundreds of thousands of dollars from bad financial advice.

We’ve bought overpriced houses at the peak of the market, bought complex financial products that we didn’t understand and done our dough on risky penny stocks recommended to us by our mates.

There is a reason that the rich get richer. For the most part they know what they are doing.


Why is that?

Well, good financial data and information has traditionally been very expensive. It’s been priced out of the mass market. We wanted to change that.

We don’t want anyone else to lose money or miss out on making money because they didn’t have all the tools to be successful.

That’s why we created Grafa. We think it’s only fair that everyone from Wall Street to main street gets the same opportunity.

Grafa is your market mate


Grafa vision

We want you to take control of your money so you can be in the driver’s seat of your financial future.

Don’t rely on advice from someone else. Be empowered to make your own decisions about how to invest your hard-earned money.

We want to create a world where everyone gets the same information no matter where you are in the pecking order.

Grafa wants to be everyone’s money mate.


Executive team

Grafa was founded by ex-Bloomberg and Macquarie Bank data analyst Dan Petrie, ex-Bloomberg TV anchor Heidi Cuthbert and Jon Cuthbert - a former university lecturer and education specialist. is where data meets media rich content, overlayed with educational insights for novices.

Grafa makes finance accessible and entertaining to everyone from Wall Street to main street.

  • Heidi Cuthbert

    Heidi Cuthbert

  • Jon Cuthbert

    Jon Cuthbert

  • Tim Bray

    Tim Bray

  • Tim Woodhouse

    Tim Woodhouse

Founder - CEO

Heidi is a financial news specialist and former TV anchor for Bloomberg Television in the Asia Pacific and Middle East regions. She has more than 15 years’ experience working in business and financial news, generating content for financial publications including the Wall Street Journal, Sky News, CNN, CNBC and Forbes. Heidi was previously the Corporate Communications Manager for DAMAC Properties in Dubai - named by Forbes as the fastest growing company in the world. Heidi has an MBA and a Graduate Certificate in Finance. She currently consults to a range of companies from ASX Top 200 companies to fast growing start-ups and cryptocurrency companies.

Chief Operations Officer

Jon is an award-winning marketing and communications specialist and former business editor in Australia and the Middle East. He has more than 13 years’ experience creating content for some of the world’s largest brands including Volvo, DHL and Emirates. Jon has lectured in communications at tertiary level in the United Arab Emirates and been head of marketing and communications at Western Australia’s largest private school. He has a Bachelor of Communications and Diploma of Education. Jon currently consults to companies from mining, oil & gas, and technology, to start-ups and NFPs.


Tim is a Director, Executive, Strategist, Entrepreneur and Communications Specialist with 20 years’ experience in leadership and executive roles across business, energy, government and not for profit sectors. He has executive-level knowledge with an emphasis on strategy, innovation, investment readiness and fundraising, brand development and communication (including crisis management). Tim has a Bachelor of Science.


Tim brings entrepreneurial experience from a range of different industries. Tim’s previous corporate strategy roles with CBA and ING laid the foundation for the last 20-years of successfully starting, building and exiting seven (7) companies. The key ingredients to success in all of these was an astute appreciation and understanding of the accessible market and delivering a solution that was exciting to the participants of this market. Tim’s diverse business interests have included corporate finance, magazine publishing, home improvement retail, employee benefit consulting, importing/distribution, innovative financial technology, corporate superannuation and the last business sold being Wealth Central (holistic financial projection engine and customer dashboard). Tim’s focus now is to strategically invest into the right businesses (with the right people) and help capitalise on, and commercialise, the opportunities that exist.

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