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About Grafa

Video finance news from
CNN, Reuters

AI-curated video news

The opening screen of the app features an AI-curated news summary of video snippets sourced from CNN, Reuters and others.

The news content will be generated using AI, so that over time the algorithms start to learn the user’s preferences and automatically serve stories of interest.



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Data & Charts

You don’t need a degree in finance to understand a basic chart.

Grafa’s technology is essentially the “search engine” of finance. It allows anyone to quickly search for information and view it on a chart - on their mobile phone.

More importantly it allows users to make comparisons between up to four different data sets.

It’s a highly-engineered pocket-tool that simplifies business and financial information.

Using Grafa to engage with your clients

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Storytelling with charts

Create a chart to highlight a trading opportunity or react to an economic event.

You can use the Grafa platform to share these charts with your clients.

You can also download the charts using your branding to embed in your company newsletters.

Knowledge building

Help empower your clients to make more informed decisions by encouraging them to watch the “learn” videos.

These videos have been prepared to help people at all levels of knowledge to understand finance, economics and investing.

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