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D-Day for BNPL players

D-Day for BNPL players It’s D-Day for the buy now, pay later sector, the RBA meets and Aussie GDP data is released in the Grafa week ahead. Will the seemingly unstoppable buy now, pay later sector come down from its record highs when a new code of conduct comes into play today? With tighter rules…
Man hitting floor with Whip

Bye now, cya later? – Money Mate

Are Australians ready to splash the cash? Facebook “re-friended” Australia, a crackdown on the buy now, pay later sector and a Bitcoin bounce dominated the Grafa week in finance. The Aussie market limped to a close on Friday, shedding 1.77% for the week on the back of a massive sell off in tech stocks. Less…

Australia hot for COVID shots – Money Mate

Australia hot for COVID shots COVID vaccines, news media laws, UK unemployment and the US economy are all in the spotlight in the Grafa week ahead. The long-awaited rollout of a COVID-19 vaccine begins across Australia today, with 80,000 initial doses of the Pfizer jab to be given to frontline health and quarantine workers, as…
Man slamming door on another man

Facebook ‘unfriends’ Australia – Money Mate

Facebook ‘unfriends’ Australia Google played by the rules while Facebook spat the dummy and COVID vaccines arrived down under in the Grafa week that was. The ASX closed 1.34% lower on Friday but remains virtually unchanged this week. The looming introduction of Australia’s news media code resulted in starkly different responses from global tech giants…
Well, it's groundhog day... again.

COVID, CARS & KFC – Money Mate

COVID, CARS & KFC COVID lockdowns, the European economy and Aussie jobs are all in the frame in the Grafa week ahead. Victoria’s snap five-day lockdown is set to end midnight Wednesday, with any extension dependent on how quickly authorities can contain the COVID-19 cluster. Friday’s ASX session saw investors pouring into pandemic-winning stocks like…